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James grew up in small towns in Florida and West Virginia where he mused about things like astrophysics and human evolution. He got a degree in aerospace at UVA, went to Stanford as an NSF Fellow, and left as a product designer. He's a curious and creative soul, with some “mad scientist” tendencies. Today, he works in tech at Palantir and likes to ponder existential questions.



Also East coast born and bred, Corina grew up in Connecticut where she read a lot and was good, like really good, at school. At Stanford, she studied mechanical engineering / product design and discovered her love for writing and helping people tell their stories. Now, she designs software at a startup. Apart from James, loves of her life include pie, solid, self-guided walking tours, and getting to ask another question.



We didn’t meet at Stanford, but basically Stanford design brought us together. James did an internship at Luidia (an innovation lab of a lot of Stanford ME/design alums) where Corina was a contractor. She won James over with the way she really listened and her very distinct laugh. Corina thought he was super cool and assumed too cool for her. Our first date was six years ago when what started as making lunch turned into a picnic outside James' dorm, and then an afternoon of talking, and then a movie, and seven hours later we realized we had spent the whole day together. James won Corina over with a homemade birthday cake two weeks later and we've been together ever since--six years of being partners in crime, wandering around our hood in SF, and having adventures together. And we can't wait to start this new one :)


Veronika, Melissa, Corina, & Jackie in New Orleans

Veronika, Melissa, Corina, & Jackie in New Orleans

Jacqueline Yen (MOH)

Corina has always looked up to Jackie, her highly intelligent, super cool older sister with an artistic soul. Jackie is flying in from NYC where she works at the Fed and usually is eating at the hottest new restaurant. 

Melissa Singson

Mel and Corina met freshman year in a history class where they bonded over being 2/3 of the girls who care about history apparently. Now it's been almost 15 years of being the bestest of friends. Mel lives in Manila but even the Pacific Ocean can't keep us apart! Mel is a paragon of good advice, loyalty, and an advisor on all things art, culture, and good taste.

Veronika Hecko Wu

Veronika and Corina met at Stanford, and when Veronika moved back to the Bay Area from LA, we realized we can talk forever about pretty much any topic. Veronika was Corina's work wife at their previous company where we designed a chat app together. Her buoyant personality, relentless spirit, and positive energy is the stuff that dreams are made of. 


Andrew, Greg, Eric, and Alex have never been photographed together.

Andrew, Greg, Eric, and Alex have never been photographed together.

Andrew Wong

Draws flowing bird creatures. A creative force no one can contain. Smartest and most enigmatic person James knows. Projects of note: gnonstop gnomes (ha ha!). astronaut

Greg Kress

Taught James the power of self reliance and self indulgence. A leader and a teacher. Projects of note: 3D VR digital sculpture. Grand ambitions yet to be realized.

Eric Grossman

Trusted partner and confidant since 2009. Dependable, meticulous, high fashion and excellent taste. A model of what I aspire to. Projects of note: amplify (ha!)

Alexander Visbal

A more recent addition (to my life and to the world) but just as impactful. Ambitious, tireless, and loyal. Not only gets things done but keeps me laughing along the way. Projects of note: Radar (designed and shipped in 6 months)


Photos by Linsey Kelsey


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